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We would like to Thank all of our generous sponsors who help make this event possible!
Our Platinum Sponsor: Cargill
Our Gold Sponsor: TDS
Last year over $22,000 was raised for community!
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And it's fun too!

High school-age drivers: Watch for the fall Monticello Community Education catalog for upcoming dates and then call a friend to join Alejandro Sanchez and fellow experienced race drivers for one of these classes. You'll learn and practice skills required to control your vehicle under both adverse and everyday driving conditions.
With funding assistance from the Monticello Rotary Club, you pay only $55 for a class that is worth much more.
To register, contact Alejandro at 763-262-6366 or email: Teen Accident Avoidance Driving Courses are held at Eastview School in Monticello
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Posted by Michele Hertwig on Mar 31, 2013
We are happy to haveImage Mary Ellen Wells (Health Care Administrator at CentraCare Monticello), Cindy Shore (Xcel Business Support Manager), Andy Moll (Accounting Director at Mosford, Barthel & Co.) and Tim Hennagir (Editor of the Monticello Times) as members of the Monticello Rotary Club.
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Happy 25th Anniversary to Monticello Rotary Club's first female members,Ollie White and Grace Pederson! Michele Hertwig 2013-04-01 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Michele Hertwig on Jan 06, 2013
Congratulations to Alejandro Sanchez, Phil White (designated by Ollie White), Marianna Khauv, Mark Klaverkamp, Grace Pederson, Russ Van Dell and Wayne Hoglund (designated by Lisa Hoglund).Image
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Fellow Rotarians:

We are having a wonderful reunion with Monticello Rotary inbound Renee Theron, from South Africa to Monticello, in 2000. She and her boyfriend, Riaan van Heerden (also RSA), are here in Portland for 12 days. Here are pictures (the quartet is with current participants of y.e. in Pearl Rotary).
(Her host families: Ron and Bev Carlson, Mary Micke/Jim Dickrell, Nancy and me)

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Posted by Michele Hertwig on Jul 31, 2011

 On Monday, August 1, 2011 Lisa Hoglund recognized Paul Harris Fellows by presenting them with certificates and pins.


 From left to right:Dr. John Hering, Dale & Rosemary Dahl and Chris Kruse.

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Posted by Alejandro Sanchez on Aug 28, 2010
Trista Kleinsteuber and Emily Mell, both grand daughters of Vic K., have gone through the Monticello Teen Rotary Accident Avoidance Course.  Both young women showed a great increase of confidence by the end of the day. While Emily was quick at the wheel, Trista became very precise on her moves through the exercises.
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Vic had been an active member of our club since 1976. On Jan. 14th, Vic spoke to the Club regarding his illness and how much Rotary meant to him. His words of advice that day: “Reinvest yourself in your community and do what Rotary does your fellow man.”

Vic, you will be missed.

Visitation was held Wednesday, April 17, 2013 from 4 to 7pm at Peterson-Grimsmo Chapel, 250 E. Broadway, Monticello. A Celebration of Life will be held Thursday, April 18, at 11am at Resurrection Lutheran Church, 9300 Jason Ave. NE, Monticello.


Our fellow Rotarian, Vic Kleinstuber passed away peacefully on Tuesday, March 19th. Michele Hertwig 0

It is my pleasure to present the employee of the quarter award to one of my staff here at Best Western, Amber Korte!

Amber just turned 22, and has been at Best Western for almost seven years. She started out as a shy housekeeper who made sure our rooms were spotless for the guests. After a while, we noticed that she was always courteous and willing to help the guests, so we encouraged her to move up to the front desk. She nervously accepted the challenge and has since helped us build on a good, long list of repeat guest relations.

Amber is no stranger to Rotary Club. When she was a senior at MHS she was one of our Strive students. She graduated with flying colors and a B average. She was the recipient of our Strive  Scholarship that year. One year after she graduated, she returned to the Strive program as a mentor. It was her way to give back to the program. Amber is currently preparing for college this winter, and hopes to get back into the Strive program next year.

Amber takes pride every Monday morning to make sure our room is set up for our Club meeting. Because of Amber’s involvement, Best Western is now the “Drop Off” and “Pick Up” station for our Rotary Club. If you have a general Club meeting set up question, you can always talk to Amber.

Amber, Thank You for all you do!

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One of the goals of the Monticello Rotary Club is to continue to build our organization for the future. That means introducing the Rotary concept to a younger audience and engaging them in a way that will lead toward recruiting the next generation of Rotarians.

Although we currently have initiatives that are reaching out into Millienial and Gen X demographics, we wanted to make sure we captured the interest of even younger generations by expanding engagement with our local high school.

As a result of this thinking, in September 2012, Chris Kruse, a past president of The Monticello Rotary, and Tara Rosh, at Monticello High School, approached students to determine their interest in forming an Interact Club, Rotary International’s model for Rotary in High Schools. An Interact Club was formed with more than 40 student members initially. The Interact organizational infrastructure was put into place, and officers began and continue to attend many Monticello Rotary meetings.

Since the club’s founding, several local and international projects have been initiated by The Monticello High School Interact Club. These student-led projects have included (1) “Walk for Literacy”, benefiting the Cambodian Library project, (2) an international project which provided diapers and bandages for Hospitals in Guatemala (News article and pictures attached), and, most recently, (3) a “Senior” Prom event with students hosting a prom, complete with make-up sessions, and hair-do’s for the ladies for residents of St. Benedicts Senior Assisted Living Community.

Most gratifying is that participation in these projects has not been limited to the 40 some members. Up to 70 students have participated in some of the projects, indicating strong support for this new organization that goes beyond its members and suggests potential for real growth of this Interact Club to which our Monticello Rotary is committed.

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ImageDan C. and Michele just returned from the North Central President Elect Traning Seminar this past weekend in Des Moines, Iowa. Along with learning, sharing and meeting a lot of great people, they also had the pleasure of hearing Rotary International President-elect Ron Burton speak at Friday night’s dinner. Pres.-Elect Burton is from Oklahoma and has been a Rotarian since 1979.
Engage Rotary. Change Lives.
Rotary International President-Elect Ron Burton at the NC-PETS conference on March 1st Michele Hertwig 0
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Posted by Alejandro Sanchez
Ashley Suchy, Rachel and Sam Petterson, Taylor Fosse and Jenna Boroughs are the new graduates of the Rotary Teen Accident Avoidance program. On a warm summer day these students came, some tentative, some ready for action, to learn new skills that have made them better and safer drivers.
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Posted by Alejandro Sanchez
On Saturday, May 8, Sam Demuelles and Taya Odeen graduated from the 5 hour Monticello Rotary Teen Accident Avoidance Driving Course.
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Posted by Alejandro Sanchez
Jakob Kounkel (son of Rotarian Kari), Ryan Loch (son of Rotarian Al), Joshua Chaplin and Haleigh Gille Participated in the Teen Accident Avoidance Driving Course and graduated after five hours of intensive training.
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